Indigenous Money Health​

A Program aimed at increasing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals’ financial literacy level.


NESA was awarded a grant through generous support of the Ecstra Foundation to deliver the Indigenous Money Health training.

The aim of the initiative is to build financial capacity within the Indigenous employment sector and provide frontline staff with the tools and skills to either facilitate further training, or provide one on one support and mentoring to their clients within Indigenous communities.

10 workshops will train up to 250 participants (frontline staff) who will use the training and behavioural change techniques to support, train and mentor their Indigenous job seekers and community members. Up to 1,000 community members are expected to directly benefit from this initiative.

Our journey took us to locations in Tennant Creek NT, Palm Island QLD, Woorabinda, QLD, Ampilatwatja, NT, Penrith / Mt Druitt NSW, Debry WA, Boggabilla NSW and Wadeye NT.


NESA People Solutions understands the impact of mental health on the Australian workforce. We offer a range of mental health first aid products enabling organisations to equip themselves with the knowledge and understanding to support their staff and their peers. 

Mental health is increasingly becoming one of the major issues facing Australian employers in terms of sick leave, complaints and workers compensation. To counter these issues, NESA People Solutions is proactively working with a range of organisations on embedding mental health training within their organisations to support their staff. 


The Indigenous Money Health Program is a consequence of the statistical data relating to Indigenous Australians being the most marginalised group within Australia; with almost 44% either severely or fully financially excluded. In 2016 the unemployment rate for Indigenous people of working age was 18.4%, that is 2.7 times the non-Indigenous unemployment rate with nearly one in three Australians feeling financially stressed, with damaging effects on mental, physical health and social relationships.


The aim of the program is to build financial capacity within the employment sector and provide frontline staff with the tools and skills to either facilitate further training and/or provide one on one support and mentoring to their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

NESA Solutions through the Indigenous Money Health program has identified three (3) target groups that we will engage in our delivery of up-skilling frontline staff to be able to mentor participants to greater financial capability. 

These include:

  • Up to two hundred and fifty (250) frontline staff who provide direct services to Indigenous job seekers and community members
  • Up to one thousand (1000) community members who will benefit directly from our network of frontline staff delivering NESA Solutions Indigenous Money Health program directly to Indigenous communities
  • The Indigenous Financial Literacy Service Community, where NESA People Solutions would share our program outcomes and learnings

Training Resources

PRACTICAL Financial Management Tools

This useful information sheet provides you with strategies and tools that you can use to manage your finances now that you have completed the Indigenous Money Health Program.


Here are the 3 lessons I see as most important:
1. Simplify your money management by using different bank accounts.
2. Shred your credit cards first, then start paying off your debt.
3. Automate some of your retirement planning with index funds.
Let’s see what practical steps you can take to improve your finances…today!


This calculator helps you work out:
1. where your money is going
2. customise item names
3. save your results

Indigenous Money Health Flyer
Building financial capability in Indigenous Australia can foster an ethos of financial independence within Indigenous communities to promote values of self-reliance, hope, self-welfare and community pride.

Websites and Video/Youtube Resources Provided