Building Strong Minds​

leading provider of Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid (AMHFA) training in Australia

Building Strong Minds Project

The Building Strong Minds Project commenced in 2016 and has successfully delivered in excess of 500 AMHFA workshops engaging over 180 remote, regional and urban Aboriginal communities.  

The project has been implemented to support frontline staff working across community, welfare, education and employment services as well as providing community wide strategies for identified high risk communities.  

The training has successfully been attended by over 7,400 frontline services staff and community members with a completion rate of 84%. The success of the project has centered on a strong community engagement model with local communities and our core co-design model ensuring that every community, organisations and service has had the best opportunity to participate in this important training. 

Corporate Training

NESA People Solutions understands the impact of mental health on the Australian workforce. We offer a range of mental health first aid products enabling organisations to equip themselves with the knowledge and understanding to support their staff and their peers. 

Mental health is increasingly becoming one of the major issues facing Australian employers in terms of sick leave, complaints and workers compensation. To counter these issues, NESA People Solutions is proactively working with a range of organisations on embedding mental health training within their organisations to support their staff. 

Community and Youth Worker Training

Mental health is an issue that is impacting on all communities across Australia. It is an issue that impacts all generations and all cultural groups.

NESA People Solutions have worked in over 180 different communities delivering this important training. We have extensive experience working across community groups, services and local schools.

In March 2021, 32 NESAPS trainers were upskilled to deliver Youth Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid training to communities across remote and regional Australia. Highly anticipated and well received, this informative course teaches participants how to assist young people experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis until appropriate professional support can be received or until the crisis is resolved using an practical evidence based action plan.

Feedback from the workshops delivered has been incredibly positive:

“Very well presented, good communication skills, captured the audience, make us feel comfortable.”
– Kalumburu WA Youth Workshop 1

“I would recommend this training because it’s a great way to spread awareness to others.”
– Kalumburu WA Youth Workshop 3

“Really useful and important content and especially being aimed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth.”
– Kalumburu WA Youth Workshop 3

“Great to meet and get to know people from the community and learn together and strengthen links-supports for the community.”
– Palm Island Qld Youth Workshop 1

“Engaging, knowledgeable presenters with an important focus and emphasis on culture. I learned a lot and I believe what I take away from today’s training I will 100% be able to use and implement in my professional life.”
– Palm Island Qld Youth Workshop 2