Building Capacity training for the
RSAS team in Maningrida

Building Capacity Training For The RSAS Team In Maningrida

Between the 21st and the 23rd of September 2021, NESA People Solutions delivered a tailored Building Capacity program for the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation’s Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) team in Maningrida. Jodi Sampson (JSS) was engaged to deliver this program.

Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation in Maningrida approached NESAPS to develop a Capacity Building program for their RSAS team. Training needs included: Communication skills, Working together as a team and building skills of resilience and a “Leadership day” to focus on development and strengthening of the team’s leadership skills. During the planning phase of the engagement, NESA People Solutions took the time required to ensure that the training to be delivered was aligned with the goals of the team and the organisation. 

Overall, the training was well received & this was evident when Natasha Brooking, RSAS Manager, pointed out that there were comments and narratives by some participants, that they were “engaged” & stayed connected to the program/units of training provided.

All 10 members of the RSAS team participated in the training resulting in a 100% attendance over the 3 days.

Jodi Sampson is recognised as a proud Gomeroi & Gamilaroi Man from North-West NSW. Jodi was raised in “Two-Worlds” in Moree and has an entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep. Jodi has 35 years’ experience engaging and nurturing relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities by providing leadership, Coaching & Mentoring, employment, education & training and role models the cultural values of his family and ancestors.

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