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NESA People Solutions was created on the back of its unique people-centric offering. One that covers bespoke training, consulting and capability development, working across government, business and the not-for-profit sector.

Its Co-design model is one that is flexible, fast, and proven to work across multiple projects. A model that creates greater and longer-lasting impacts for communities, families and individuals.


NESA Ltd, the peak body for Australia’s contracted Employment sector, was established in 1998. In 2013 NESA Ltd established NESA Solutions as a subsidiary to deliver a series of complex reform projects across Australia.

Since 2013, NESA Solutions has successfully delivered important people-orientated projects across remote Australia specifically focused on building capacity, workforce development and mental health.

In 2020 NESA Solutions rebranded to NESA People Solution (NESAPS) in recognition of our core values and focus being people-orientated.

What we do

NESA People Solutions delivers a suite of services including tailored training packages, fit for purpose consulting, workforce development strategies, community engagement and development projects and professional development.

Our philosophy is structured around a proven and successful co-design model. Our co-design model is agile, responsive and provides consistent feedback loops to deliver results for our clients.


Our methodology in practice is around inclusion throughout the whole process, supported by strong communication and detailed planning, ensuring that our clients’ requirements are met.

We are where better begins.

Elements of Co-design

  • Understand


    We work in a respectful participative way to fully comprehend all the relevant inputs from stakeholders and frame the anticipated process and outcomes.

  • Create


    Working collaboratively, we create solutions to specific needs based on expert knowledge, lived experience, and in-depth consultation.

  • Evaluate


    Ideas and solutions are continually tested and evaluated. Our goal is to find strengths and limitations so that success can be consistently improved.

  • Redesign


    Being outcomes focussed, we incorporate our learnings into our delivery to produce better outcomes.

Our co-design methodology is the same, whether for products, services and/or systems. This approach allows all activities to be tailored, which is what makes NESA People Solutions unique.

Successful implementation

This approach has been successfully implemented across the following workforce, development and reform projects across remote Australia. These include:

NESA People Solution’s Co-design is an approach that can be utilised across federal and state government, not-for-profit, and private enterprises. Its effectiveness means it creates greater longer lasting impact for the communities, people, and individuals receiving services.

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